Roraima Tour

1st Day
Depart at 10:00 a.m. in Toyota from Santa Elena de Uairén toward Paraitepuy (indigenous population) it takes 2 hours to arrive there. We eat lunch and we start a 4 hours walk to the Tok River where we will arm the carps and we will sleep the first night. We have to cross two rivers, in summers it is very easy to cross, but when it rains the second river grows, but our guides will help you to cross it.

2nd Day
After breakfast we will walk to the base camp, it takes 6 hours walking. In the road we enjoy the good view, flowers, plants. Take advantage the afternoon to photograph the beautiful nature and refresh in the small River near the camp.

3rd Day
After breakfast it comes a strong ascent of 3 hours and 30 minutes in the forest and once you arrive to the top, the beauty will reward you.
You will enjoy rocks formed through the years with turtle forms flying and other natural formations. We will travel the top and the borders of the Tepuy. Dinner and night sleep.

4th Day
Breakfast, and we have the whole day to travel the top and to discover the magic and wonderful of this Tepuy. Visiting the valley of the crystals, the area of the yacuzzis , caves. We will travel and we will visit the rocks formed with faces, animals, etc. Miradores like the window to appreciate the Kurkenán Fall. In this Tepuy it will give you the magic impression of being in another world, for the quantity of rocky formations joining the fog that slips through the rocks.
In the night you will have the sensation of being able to play the moon, and you will see the stars with great clarity.

5th Day
Breakfast, and you will have the opportunity to take the last pictures on the Tepuy, then you will go down to the Tok River and we will stop there another night.

6th Day
After a nice breakfast, we will walk the last 4 hours. We will cross the 2 rivers and we will eat lunch in Paraitepuy (Remember that we should preserve our National Parks therefore you cannot bring yourself any crystal, neither indigenous plants, the officials of Inparques will check you up when arriving to Paraitepuy.
In the return to Santa Elena de Uairén we will make a stop in Quebrada de Jaspe. Red semi-precious mineral Stone.
Arrival to Santa Elena de Uairén, 03:00 p.m.
We will reserve you the hotel or inn of your preference or in the event of continuing your trip in bus the same night, we will reserve you your bus ticket and destination. (And we will pay you a shower in a downtown hotel before your bus trip).

We recommend you to bring:
2 pants, 3 flannels or shirts short sleeves, 1 sweater, jacket for rain or poncho, torch, 4 couples of stockings, cap or hat, mountain shoes and closed sandal, original identification documents. Swimming suit.
It includes: Transportation (Toyota) Santa Elena de Uairén. Paraitepuy. Santa Elena de Uairén. A bilingual guide, meals, camping equipment and carriers.

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