Gran Sabana Tour

1 (one day Tour)

Everything included:
Breakfast . 8:00 a.m.
Departure: 09:00 a.m.

Departure from Santa Elena de Uairén to Cold Water Mirador,  a beautiful place where we will appreciate the vegetation of La Gran Sabana from a very high view.

Later Quebrada de Jaspe (flagstone of semiprecious red stone and black color), beautiful cascade where you will be able to give yourself a refreshing natural shower.

Then we arrive to the Indigenous Population (San Francisco de Yuruaní, lunch chicken in stick like Pemón Style)

Yuruaní Fall (walk inside the cascade)
Spa Soroape, well and toboggan.
Mirador of the 4 winds
Pacheco Fall (cascade and spa)
Blue well (natural well of clear blue color)
Return Santa Elena de Uairén
Sleep the night in hotel.

Everything included: 3 foods, it digs with refreshments, transportation, lodging guides bilingual, taxes of the park.
Price Check - We guarantee the best price

Only including Bilingual Guide, Transport and Refreshments, the passenger pays his lodging depending, its a matter of taste. And it pays their foods and taxes.
Price Check - We guarantee the best price

Important Notice

Our Tour will have enough time to enjoy, to take the pictures and to receive information.

We don't like to offer many points in one day because, we don't give the time to appreciate and we would make it all very quick.

We prefer enough points, because you pay and receive the service, to have the enough time of enjoy each place that we will show you. Our experience in the area and the years that we have in our profession tells us that you will thank it to us. Since you don't pay only for photographing many places, but rather you pay to enjoy and to photograph without difficulties.

We recommend you to Bring:
Long pant, Swimming Suit, short sleeve Shirt , Towel, Mountain Shoes, 2 pairs of socks, fly repellent, solar protector, Camera and Personal Documents.


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Francisco Alvarez